AJMXC Training Camp: Day Two

Riders honed their skills at Swan Hill over the weekend before their assault on the 2016 AJMXC in South Australia from Sept. 24.

A MUCH better day, weather wise, awaited the riders, coaches and club members for the second day of MV’s Australian Junior MX Championship Training Camp at Swan Hill Motorcycle Club.

The track couldn’t have been any better given the conditions over the days leading up to the event with Club President Greg O’Bree saying: “The track turned out super on Sunday and I’m glad we went ahead with the weekend.”

Ross Beaton, Jades Oates and Mark Willingham all returned for the second day to put the riders through their paces and all were impressed by the riders and the services the club provided for the weekend.

“Track wise we couldn’t have asked for much better given the conditions and it’s as close as possible to Renmark,” Mark Willingham said.

“The club was excellent, very helpful and happy to have as there so that was great. A special mention to Greg for opening up the hydrotherapy pools on Saturday evening, not only was it good for recovery but it was also good to hang out with some of the riders and parents away from the track,” Mark added.

Once again the riders got to work with all three of the coaches and get a different look from each, hopefully learning what worked best for them and picking it up and running with it.

“I believe the three of us worked quite well together, we are each a little different and that can be a benefit to the riders as they receive a different perspective from us,” Mark said.

Greg thought the three coaches were outstanding over the whole weekend saying: “The coaches were awesome together, I actually think they really complemented each other out there.”

It was a fantastic two days and we hope that the riders got something from the weekend.

A huge thank you to the Swan Hill Motorcycle Club for their work over the weekend and also for making their track available to us to run this event. The coaches also deserve a thank you for the tireless efforts over the two full days of coaching.

We can now look at running this event again next year with Greg saying that the Swan Hill Motorcycle Club would love to run it annually and Mark Willingham saying that we could start to look ahead to Horsham and perhaps run this event early-mid next year with another one closer to the actual event again.

Good luck to every Victorian rider heading over to Renmark, South Australia – do us proud!

Mark Vallance
Sport & Rider Development Manager



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