About MX Committee

Motorcycling Victoria’s Motocross Management Committee (MVMX) exists to help guide clubs and riders in the sport of motocross throughout Victoria.

Should any rider or club have any questions or concerns regarding the sport of motocross these should be directed to the secretary at mxsecretary@motorcyclingvic.com.au.

The committee is responsible for the following:

Rider Numbers

These are racing numbers allocated to riders by MVMX. Both Senior and Junior Numbers are currently done online via the Rider Numbers page and should only be submitted by this method.

Supplementary Regulations (Supp Regs)

Supp Regs is an official event form. MVMX is required to approve all motocross Supp Regs prior to the release on MV’s website or any club website. These are dealt with outside regular meetings and should be forwarded with sufficient time for them to be perused and approved.

All Supp Regs are required to be submitted using the Generic Supplementary Regulations form. Key Officials, Track Licence Number, and Event Permit Number are required to be noted on all Supp Regs. All Supp Regs are to be emailed to mxsecretary@motorcyclingvic.com.au.

The Steward of the event is appointed by MV’s Officials Panel. The club is then required to submit an Official Steward Nomination Form (with three nominees) and submit it along with their Supp Regs.

Rider Gradings

MVMX grades riders twice a year; in July-August (depending on when the Victorian Championships are over) and December (end-of-year). Mid-year gradings are predominately based on performance.

Requirements for a Grading request: Any rider wishing to be considered for a grading must have competed in 2 open events and 1 regional event.

Grading Form

Please accurately complete the Grading Form. Any incomplete information will unfortunately not be considered.
Please submit it to mxsecretary@motorcyclingvic.com.au.


Entries (especially for Victorian Championships) will only be accepted online via www.cloudentries.com.au. Any correspondence relating to a rider’s entry should only be submitted to the appropriate Race Secretary. Two Race Secretaries look after the Victorian Senior and Junior Motocross Championships respectively:

Seniors: mxsenior@motorcyclingvic.com.au
Juniors: mxjunior@motorcyclingvic.com.au


Interested companies wishing to become a major sponsor of the Victorian Senior & Junior Motocross Championships should contact MV’s Communications Manager at communications@motorcyclingvic.com.au or the MX Secretary at mxsecretary@motorcyclingvic.com.au.

Click here for the: Victorian Championship Sponsorship Proposal


MVMX will contact all motocross clubs in August-September for the potential to host a round of a Victorian Championship or event for the following year. Zero response from your club by the required closing date may result in your club not being allocated your preferential date for your event.


To ensure that MVMX has your correct club contact details, please email your up-to-date contact details when required to mxsecretary@motorcyclingvic.com.au.


MVMX would like to advise that a rider’s licence will be held whenever they hire a transponder at any Victorian Championship round. It is the rider’s responsibility to return their transponder on the completion of the event’s racing in exchange for their licence.

Transponders not returned will incur a PENALTY of $30.00 per day until the return of the transponder to MVMX.

Click here to read MVMX’s Frequently Asked Questions Sheet (coming soon).




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