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All 11 girls who took part in the biggest Girls Combined class in motocross history at the opening round of the 2015 Victorian Junior Motocross Championships on March 21-22.
(Photo Credit: Kendall Jennings)

About MV’s Female Participation Program

Motorcycling Victoria is taking proactive steps forward to increase and promote female participation in motorcycling sport across the state as Riders, Officials, Coaches and Volunteers.

The Female Participation Program endeavors to change perceptions around the roles of females within the sport and to bring about sustainable cultural change to support females in all areas of the sport now and for the future.

 Investing in a full time staff member to manage the Female Participation Program, it has given MV the resources to work towards implementing a long-term change in regards to the perceptions around the roles of females within the sport and bringing about a sustainable cultural change to support female participation in all areas now and for the future.

Funding from VicHealth through the State Sporting Association Participation Program and Sport and Recreation Victoria’s WISAR Program (Women in Sport and Recreation)  is supporting the Female Participation Program from 2011-2014.



In 2011, Motorcycling Victoria was one of 30 State Sporting Associations to share in $10.2 million from the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) over the three years in a bid to make sports in Victoria more welcoming places.

With VicHealth SSAPP, MV is implementing a state-wide initiatives designed to bring about sustainable organisational and cultural change to boost community participation in motorcycle sport.

The program enables MV to develop our organisation with the aim of creating safe, accessible, inclusive and equitable sporting environments for all in our community utilising Everyone Wins framework in the SSAPP.  Everyone Wins is a frame work to assist State Sporting Associations (SSA) build healthier sporting environments that are safe, accessible, inclusive and equitable.

Everyone Wins specifically aims to increase the participation in sport of people with a disability, Indigenous Australians, people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities (with an emphasis on new arrival communities), and women and girls.

MV’s priority population is women and girls.

Women in Sport & Recreation

In 2012, Motorcycling Victoria was one of eight successful State Sporting Associations that received a share in $635,000 funding from the first round of the Victorian Government’s new Women in Sport and Recreation (WISAR) grants.

MV’s ‘Developing Females in Motorcycling’ project will see the creation and developing of new initiatives that lead to more opportunities for women to advance in sport.

Initiative and projects that are being worked on through the Female Participation Program will include coaching, officiating and leadership roles and to actively promote and encourage participation opportunities for female riders at all levels of competition and non-competition.

This will be achieved by the implementation of pathways and role models, providing inclusive courses and practical training opportunities, further policy development and organisational culture change.

Researching the key barriers to women and girls participation, Board awareness & strategic planning, increasing education and safety awareness and increasing communication and promotion around female participation.




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