About Dirt Track

DIRT TRACK is similar to speedway in that it is run on closed tracks that are completely flat and on a gritty shale surface.

Dirt Track is one the most exciting and also easiest forms of motorcycle sport to get started in, it does not require a new bike, the latest gear or an intensive training regime,

a rider of average fitness can easily handle the 4 lap sprints.There are classes to suit many types of bike and riding levels to suit beginner, junior, social, intermediate, advanced or veteran. Dirt track is an entertaining and enjoyable sport to watch, the natural amphi-theatre provides elevated viewing for friends and family to watch all of the on-track action.

The Dirt Track at Broadford’s State Motorcycle Sports Complex is located one hour driven north of Melbourne, with facilities include hot showers, modern toilet blocks, first aid, food & beverages are available. On competition days the club provides, a trophy presentation and barbeque.

The bike control skills developed in dirt track, controlling a motorcycle when tires are sliding and adapting to the changing track conditions a rider can carry over into other motorcycle disciplines including motocross, road riding or racing.



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