About Classic MX

THE Victorian Classic Motocross Committee and the Victorian Classic Motocross Register, in conjunction with Motorcycling Victoria (MV), liaise with affiliated motorcycle clubs across Victoria to organise a number of Classic Motocross events.

Classic Motocross is open to bikes from pre-1965 up to pre-1978, including Evolution (Note: Evolution is any bike with twin shocks, no water cooling or disc brakes, no upside down forks).

The main competition for Classic Motocross is the annual Interclub Series. The Classic MX Interclub Series is held at different Motocross tracks or natural terrain tracks across Victoria, and usually consists of six (6) rounds.

The classes that are raced are:

  • Pre-65; pre-70, pre-75 – 125, 250, 300 & over; pre-78 and Evolution
  •  50 years and over (pre-75 EVO)
  • Expert and non-expert classes (pre-75 EVO)
  • Four strokes (pre-65-75)

What do I need to go racing?

To race Classic Motocross, there are four (4) main things that you will require before you get started:

  1. You will need to register will the Victorian Classic Motocross Committee ($30.00). For this you will receive six or seven newsletters per year containing results, your registered race number, entry forms, buy/sell page, map to tracks and become eligible for end of season trophies.
  2. You must be a member of one of the invited clubs (you may be able to get a day membership from the host club depending on the host clubs constitution)
  3. You will need to have a competition race licence (one day licenses are available)
  4. A pre 65 to pre 78 bike, or an Evolution bike.

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