2014 Elite Rider Camp Coaches

Merv Williams

The Chairperson of the Motorcycling Victoria Coaching Panel, Merv Williams, is the first of the three lead coaches selected for the camp.

Merv is an experienced motocross coach based out of the Horsham Motorcycle Club. He does plenty of work for MV within the coaching ranks including:

  • Level 2 Coach
  • Level 1 Coaching Course Presenter
  • Coaching Panel Chairperson
  • MotorSafe Presenter

He is a skilled public speaker and presenter, is able to hold the attention of the room, and is able to keep things interesting and moving at a good pace.

Merv’s son Jacob also races in the MX Nationals, meaning Merv has on the ground experience and current knowledge of gaining sponsorship and working with junior riders on a national-level.

“This is the best opportunity for riders to take that next step. We will be maintaining a very high level at this camp and future camps and I’m definitely excited to be a part of it!”

Chris Gray

The Chairperson of the MV Enduro Management Committee, Chris Gray, is the next in the line of coaches that will be at the camp.

Chris is an experienced Enduro/Off-Road coach based out of the Bendigo Motorcycle Club. He does plenty of work behind the scenes for MV and MA, including:

  • Level 2 Coach
  • Level 4 Official
  • MV Enduro Management Committee Chairperson
  • MV Women’s Committee Member
  • MA Enduro Commission Member

Chris has experience on the National stage through working with the Victorian team for the Australian 4-Day Enduro and he has also seen action in the International arena with the Australia International Enduro team for the International 6-Day Enduro.

“The camp will focus on giving riders the tools to not only improve their skill level but also to extend their time in the sport.”

Rob Jenner

A member of the MV Road Race Management Committee, Rob Jenner, rounds out the head coaches for the Training Camp.

Rob is an experienced road race coach based in the Historic Motorcycle Racing Association of Victoria (HMRAV). He is a huge help in the background of events for MV, including:

  • Level 1 Coach
  • MV Road Race Management Committee Member
  • Coaching Co-Ordinator for MV Girls Only Track Days

Rob is still heavily involved in riding at a competitive level throughout the state. Aside from his riding, Rob runs a motorcycle service centre in Geelong.
A fully qualified and skilled mechanic, Rob knows the ins and outs of a motorcycle better than anyone.

“My aim isn’t to turn 12 young riders into world class techs or engineers, but simply to try and help them understand the dynamics of how motorcycle systems work.”


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